See how it works: __SoT WARNING__
Why did we create SoT WARNING?
Over the years, Reputable 3rd Parties - including, not limited to, Universities, International Organisations, NGOs, and Trusted & Unbiased News Agencies - have flagged numerous websites for inaccuracies. SoT believes that these websites should be immediately flagged to you as you are navigating online, we aim to protect you from these websites through an Automatic Warning Annotation, and that’s why we created SoT WARNING.
How does SoT WARNING work?
  • AUTOMATIC PROTECTION - When you navigate on websites flagged by Reputable 3rd Parties, the following Warning Annotation will appear on your screen
Note: A quick overview of the SoT WARNING database shows:
  • Fake news websites are in the majority related to politics and the number of left & right-wing based websites are roughly equal.
    • Example of flagged website:
    • Source: Politifact – The Poynter Institute
      • PolitiFact is owned by the non-profit Poynter Institute for Media Studies. PolitiFact had been owned by the Tampa Bay Times, but in 2018 direct ownership of PolitiFact was transferred from the Times to Poynter, which is the newspaper’s parent company. The move allows PolitiFact to function fully as a not-for-profit national news organization.
      • Website:
  • We observed an increase in fake news websites related to health, medical, and pseudo-science topics
  • Fake news websites are a global issue; we see an increase of fake news websites across countries and in multiple languages (That’s the reason we created SoT Extension in multiple languages - stay updated)