See how it works: __SoT SEARCH__
Why did we create SoT SEARCH?
Fake news can be as simple as writing an unverified statement, misquoting information, or purposely writing false information (among others) to affect our behaviour. SoT believe that it is essential to be able to quickly Search & Verify a statement against vetted fact-checking outlets, to get an in-depth understanding and/or contextual information to assure the most accurate viewpoint, and that’s why we created SoT SEARCH.
How does SoT SEARCH work?
Two (2) SoT ICONS - one (1) YELLOW and one (1) WHITE - will appear next to the selected word/statement.
Step 2: Annotation Result: You will be shown a Search Result Annotation with the latest related debunked stories
Clicking on the SOURCE – Article’s link: