See how it works: __SoT FLAGGED WEBSITE__
Why did we create SoT FLAGGED WEBSITE?
Research shows that social media amplifies the spread of fake news. We have all, at least once, received an article with a catchy title, that makes us want to open the article’s website, and often it is sent by people who we trust, such as our friends and family. An MIT study shows that fake news spreads on average six (6) times faster than accurate information. SoT believes that it is essential to be able to quickly verify the Article’s Source before opening the article, and that’s why we created SoT FLAGGED WEBSITE.
How does SoT FLAGGED WEBSITE work?
Example: on Facebook Messenger – Say a friend, just sent you an article.
Step 1: Before you open the article, you can cross-check the source with a RIGHT-CLICK on the Article's URL - SoT BLUE ICON SoT Flagged Website & Image.
Step 2: An Annotation Result will display on your page.
  • If flagged by Reputable 3 Parties, a caution warning annotation will appear:
  • If negative or no flagging has occurred, a different annotation will appear:
Note: Clicking on the “I WANT TO FIGHT” will take you Fake News Questionnaire. As an I AM TRUTH member, you will get Recognition & Rewards for finding the Truth!
In the war against fake news, each debunked article destabilises the goliath of the fake news industry. We are changing the world 1 Truth at a time!