See how it works: __SoT FLAGGED IMAGE__
Why did we create SoT FLAGGED IMAGE?
Fake news can take many forms; often manipulated images are shared exponentially in a matter of hours or days. These images play on our emotions to affect our behaviours. SoT believes that it is essential to be able to quickly Search & Cross-Check with Reputable 3rd Parties to be the most Informed before sharing an image to your friends and family, and that’s why we created SoT FLAGGED IMAGE.
How does SoT FLAGGED IMAGE work?
Example: On your Facebook feed, you see an interesting image, and you want to share it with your friends and family.
Step 1: Before you share the image, you can get more contextual information from Reputable 3rd Parties with a RIGHT-CLICK on the IMAGE - SoT BLUE ICON SoT Flagged Website & Image.
Step 2: An Annotation Result will display on your page.
A. If flagged by Reputable 3 Parties, an annotation will appear:
  • A flagged image annotation can include, but is not limited to:
    • Contextual information on the image for a better understanding of the situation.
    • An assessment whether the image has been altered and/or manipulated.
    • An assessment whether the image is intentionally misleading to impact your sentiment.
    Since this is on a case-by-case basis, we advise you to click on the article’s URL for further details and contextual information.
B. If negative or no flagging has occurred, a different annotation will appear:
Note: Clicking on the “I WANT TO FIGHT” will take you Fake News Questionnaire. As an I AM TRUTH member, you will get Recognition & Rewards for finding the Truth!
In the war against fake news, each debunked article destabilises the goliath of the fake news industry. We are changing the world 1 Truth at a time!