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The I AM TRUTH movement is for individuals who believe in facts, science and the Truth! It is a group of like-minded people who want to have a positive impact and make the world a better place by giving people easy access to accurate information.

SoT is looking for Partners to support our movement by helping us to identify fake news outlets and articles across countries, continents, and languages. Fake news is a global phenomenon and the response needs to be global as well.

We provide you with the tools to become a (fake news) 3-Star Expert Investigator - Join the movement that makes a difference, 1 Truth at a time! Get Recognition & Win Rewards for making the world a better place!

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I AM TRUTH provides a platform, tools, and guidelines for You to become a (fake news) 3-Star Expert Investigator and Get Recognition & Win Rewards for finding the Truth!

Step 1:
Know & Understand the Enemy
  • Clearly define and identify what is fake news
  • Watch short videos to learn about the history of fake news
Step 2:
Train by playing the BAD NEWS game: know the enemy by becoming the enemy!
Step 3:
Take part in the fight against fake news by identifying fake news outlets and articles through our Fake News Questionnaire, become a (fake news) 3-Star Expert Investigator and Get Recognition & Win Rewards!

What is the Fake News Questionnaire?

Our research and expertise in finding the Truth led to the creation of a short and detailed questionnaire that helps to identify fake news – the Fake News Questionnaire. It has 3-levels of questioning: including Basic, Intermediate, and Expert (it will test your observation, research, and analysis skills).

In the war against fake news, each debunked article and/or outlet destabilises the goliath of the fake news industry. We are literally impacting the world 1 Truth at a time!

I AM TRUTH members are recognised and rewarded for their efforts and that’s why we created the (fake news) Investigator Ranking System

  • Each Fake News Questionnaire has 3 Scores
    • Trustworthiness Score: Provides you with a quick analysis – there are 15 “Yes or No” questions – the more “Yes,” the more likely the article/website is untrustworthy.
    • SoT Expert Scores: Once you fill in a Fake News Questionnaire, one of our SoT Experts will review the information and provide 2 Scores:

      1. Accuracy Score: The Fake News Questionnaire is scored out of 116 points (including 16 Bonus points)

      2. Investigator Score: Based on the Accuracy Score, you will receive a (fake news) Investigator Score between 5 to 50 points.

      • What is the Investigator Scoring system?
        • A completed Fake News Questionnaire = 5 points
        • An accurate Fake News Questionnaire = 10 points
        • An accurate Fake News Questionnaire + Factual support = 30 points
        • An accurate Fake News Questionnaire + Factual support + before IFCN fact-checking outlets = 50 points
      Your Investigator Score accumulates and you can level up to a 3-Star Expert Investigator, while Gaining Recognition & Winning Rewards!
  • Investigator Ranking System: Become a 3-Star Expert Investigator
    • What is the Investigator Ranking System?
      • Level 1: Basic Investigator: You’re basic! 250 points 1-Star
      • Level 2: Intermediate Investigator: You have good research/analysis skills 1500 points 2-stars
      • Level 3: Expert Investigator: No one can fool you! 4500 points 3-stars
Step 4:
Get Recognition & Win Rewards for finding the Truth!
Note: You may opt-out of any of the Recognition & Rewards schemes
  • What do we mean by Recognition & Rewards?
    • Recognition
      • We will publish the debunked story with the Title “Debunked by [Investigator Rank] - [your Full Name/Nickname]” – across our platforms
      • We will publish your Full Name (or Nickname), Biography and Picture across our platforms
    • Rewards
      • Every quarter, we will publish a list of the Top 5 Investigators
      • The one with the highest Investigator Score will receive rewards and become the quarter's TOP INVESTIGATOR!
        • A short video introducing yourself published across our platforms
        • Win Cash, Merchandise, or gift cards among others
      • Every year, we will identify the Investigator who has debunked the greatest number of stories with the highest Investigator Score globally, and that person will receive the title of THE ULTIMATE INVESTIGATOR/GENIUS of that year.

Know & Understand the Enemy

In the fight against fake news, it is essential to know who is the enemy. We will identify what is fake news, the various types of fake news, and what is a Reputable News Source.

Serum of Truth Terminology

What is a fake news outlet?

Outlets that lack the news media’s editorial norms and processes for ensuring the accuracy and credibility of the information.

Source: David M. J. Lazer, et al., "The Science of Fake News," Science 09 Mar 2018: Vol. 359, Issue 6380, pp. 1094-1096.

What is Fake News?

Fabricated information that mimics news media content in form but not in organisational process or intent. Fake news overlaps with other information disorders, such as Misinformation (false or misleading information) and Disinformation (false information that is purposely spread to deceive people).

Source: David M. J. Lazer, et al., "The Science of Fake News," Science 09 Mar 2018: Vol. 359, Issue 6380, pp. 1094-1096.

According to First Draft, there are 7 types of Misinformation and Disinformation

Source: https://firstdraftnews.org/latest/fake-news-complicated/

See Examples

What does it mean to Debunk?

Expose the sham or falseness of

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/debunk

What is a Reputable News Source?

According to the UC Merced, the characteristics of Reputable News Source include, but are not limited to:

  • Publishes accurate content; checks facts, and if errors are made, corrects them
  • Uses reputable sources (people, documentation) and verifies those sources
  • Presents headlines which accurately represent the article content; headlines don't play on readers' emotions
  • Clearly identifies authors of articles with by-lines
  • Produces its own content, doesn't merely aggregate content from other souces
  • Clearly identifies content types (e.g. report vs. editorial)
  • Conducts reporting not just editorializing
  • Employs journalists who follow the profession's code of ethics
    Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics, four main sections: Seek Truth and Report It, Minimize Harm, Act Independently, Be Accountable and Transparent
    10 Elements to Good Journalism (American Institute Press), selected from Kovach and Rosenstiel's book The Elements of Journalism.

Background Information on Fake News
Now that we have identified the enemy, we need to understand the history: how fake news evolved, what factors led to the creation of fake news, and the real-life impact of fake news.
Overview of fake news
A detailed documentary about fake news on HBO, if you haven’t seen it here is the trailer
After Truth: Disinformation and the cost of fake news (2020), Official Trailer, HBO, YouTube 7 March 2020
Directed by Andrew Rossi and executive produced by CNN’s Brian Stelter, After Truth examines “fake news,” its victims, its perpetrators, and its consequences
History of fake news - Cold War
Meet the KGB Spies Who Invented Fake News | NYT Opinion, YouTube, 19 November 2018
In Episode 1 of Operation InfeKtion, we reveal how one of the biggest fake news stories ever concocted — the 1984 AIDS-is-a-biological-weapon hoax — went viral in the pre-Internet era. Meet the KGB cons who invented it, and the “truth squad” that quashed it.
Case Study: Philippines
Fake News in the Philippines, CBC News: The National, 26 April 2017
Fake news has proven to be influential in the U.S., but it may be even more powerful in the Philippines, where technology and celebrity make people vulnerable to false reports.
Theory to Practice – Train by Playing Bad News
The best method to know your enemy is to become the enemy – here is a great game called Bad News created by DROG.
Your goal is to build your army of online trolls and spread conspiracies to influence the public debate and contemplate the dangerous implications disinformation can have on your daily life and society as a whole.
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