What is Serum of Truth?
Serum of Truth (SoT) is the world’s most Trusted resource to counter fake news. We bring you the Truth with the latest debunked news/world news and fact-checking tools all in 1 place. SoT's 7 counter fake news tools show you the path out of the maze of fake news!
7 tools for the Truth in 1 Place for 1 Price
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Get the latest Debunked News and World News
  • From Vetted fact-checking outlets by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN)
  • From the most Trusted news outlets according to the Reuters Institute
  • All your Trusted News in 1 Place
Serum of Truth Extension (a web plug-in with 5 tools in 1)
Navigate safely with a Web plug-in that helps you to identify the Truth
SoT Warning: Be Warned Instantly when navigating on a flagged website
SoT Flagged Website: Verify the article’s source and websites
SoT Flagged Image: Cross-Check images before you share them
SoT Search: Search & Verify statements and stories
SoT Select: Get Additional Information from the most Trusted and Unbiased news outlets
Serum of Truth Database
Access to one of the Largest fake news databases in the world
  • Don't be Fooled by old fake news
  • Search any topic by Keyword
  • All Fake News in 1 Place
Join the I AM TRUTH movement
We aim to change the world 1 Truth at a time
Join, if you want to:
  • Have an Impact
  • Make the world a Better place
  • Prove that facts, science, and the Truth matter
Serum of Truth Extension
A web plug-in to get you the plain and simple Truth
Get live protection from websites that have been flagged for potential inaccuracies by Reputable 3rd Parties
SoT Flagged Website: Before you share an article, you can verify if the source of the article has been flagged by Reputable 3rd Parties
SoT Flagged Image: Before you share an image, you can search and cross-check it with Reputable 3rd Parties
Before you share a story, you can search and verify if that story has been debunked by fact-checkers and get the latest related news
Get additional information from the most trusted and unbiased news outlets according to the Reuters Institute, All Sides and Media Bias/Fact Check
Don’t be fooled by old fake news!
Research shows that fake news is cyclical, meaning that it spreads online more than once
  • Access one of the largest fake news databases in the world
  • Search any topic by Keyword
Join the I AM TRUTH movement
We aim to change the world 1 Truth at a time
  • Become part of a Community that hasn’t given up on the Truth!
  • Become a (fake news) 3-Star Expert Investigator
  • Get Recognition & Win Prizes for finding the Truth
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Get access to debunked news, world news and counter fake news tools with just 1-click

Simple & Easy to use – stay informed and make a difference 1 Truth at a time

Why members love Serum of Truth ?
See what others have to say about what makes this platform one of a kind.
Serum of Truth is independent and aims to facilitate people’s access to the latest debunked news/world news as well as fact-checking tools to help them navigate a world where fake news has become part of our daily lives with real financial, political and social consequences.
Our aim is to become the world’s leading authority in the fight against fake news
Meet the Team
We are experts in finding the Truth – We come from research, strategy, technology, business, and legal backgrounds – and came together because
We haven’t given up on the Truth!
Founder and CEO
Billy Tea
over 10 years of experience
  • Former Security & Defence consultant for Think Tanks and Governments
  • Management & Strategy in public and private sector
  • King’s College London
    UMASS Amherst
    Harvard Extension School
Henry Tu
Over 25 years of experience
  • Information Technology in enterprise and start-ups
  • Expertise in Software Development & Data Engineering
  • UMASS Boston
Legal & Business
Anny Wong
over 25 years of experience
  • Legal & Business in Hong Kong and China
  • Experienced Arbitrator & Expertise in IT enterprises in Asia
  • Renmin University
    University of Cambridge
    Harvard University
    University of Sydney
    Rutgers University
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It takes longer to debunk fake news than it takes to create it. We Thank You for your understanding if there is a delay and/or imprecision at this time. We are constantly working to improve the technology and your experience

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